The Irwin Allen Gallery has been set up to bring visual material from the Irwin Allen News Network (IANN) site into a searchable and easy to navigate set of web pages.

The aim of the gallery is to provide a showcase and source of information on all the material available on Irwin Allen, his radio, television and movie productions, his performers and crew, and the creative fandom that is maintaining his legacy.

Our emphasis has always been on research and the historical importance of gathering together information on everything related to Irwin Allen's work.  To achieve this, requires a gargantuan effort and we will need everyone's help to source information and material.

The variety and extent of the materials shared here will depend very much on the collectors, artists, researchers, fans, performers and others who are able to contribute. 

We are particularly keen to present material you may not have seen before such as new creative work, items from different countries, material from old and no longer available resources, plus much more. 

There are special sections to showcase the unique work of creative artists and model builders.  If you would like to have your work showcased here in your own personal album, please feel free to contact us.

For further details on how you can help us build this gallery, please visit the How to Participate page for further details.

All photographs from the Irwin Allen productions are copyright of their respective studios/production companies.  Books and magazine articles are copyright of the authors and publications.  Also, photographs of events, collections etc. are copyright of each individual photographer and artists retain copyright of their original work.