Gallery Layout

The Irwin Allen Gallery is divided into several main albums:

* Actors

* Code Red

* Current Collectibles

* Events

* Irwin Allen

* Land of the Giants

* Lost in Space

* Model Builds

* Movies

* Production Crew

* Publications

* Showcase

* Swiss Family Robinson

* Television Movies

* Time Tunnel

* Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

The list of the latest additions to the gallery can be found by visiting the Gallery Archive Page.

The Actors section contains albums for the stars of the television series plus A to Z set of albums for movie actors and guest stars who appeared in the Irwin Allen productions.

Collectibles which are currently available in stores are listed in a dedicated album named Current Collectibles.  Past collectibles will be featured in relevant albums under the TV series or movies that they belong to.

Books specific to a given series or movie will appear under the respective section for that production.  General books relating to Irwin Allen will appear under the Irwin Allen section.  Lists of magazine publications featuring Irwin Allen related articles will be listed under the Publications section.